What is Mindfulness?

So often and without even realizing it, we may find ourselves either living in the future or ruminating about the past. We are anywhere but in the present moment! This impacts our emotional health, our physical health and our relationships.  A mindfulness practice provides an anchor to the here and now, allowing us to live our lives with a greater sense of purpose, clarity and intention.

A mindfulness practice involves the cultivation of compassion, acceptance and “leaning into” situations, experiences and/or emotions that may feel difficult or challenging, with a sense of openness and curiosity.

Evidence has shown that practicing mindfulness has a variety of benefits for both adults and children.  These benefits include:

  • improvement in the ability to cope with stress, anxiety and manage challenging emotions
  • improved brain function, specifically in the areas associated with learning, memory, emotional regulation, and empathy
  • increased ability to focus, improved memory, and attention skills
  • fosters empathy and self-compassion



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